Hello! I would love to share with you this epic story that happened with Raymond and Lain in South America, Bolivia. The couple decided to spend their Christmas holidays far away from Singapore –  in South America. Visiting Peru –  doing Inca Trail to unbelievable Machu Picchu, and also spend a week in Bolivia, creating their pre-wedding photography photosession in the famous Salar de Uyuni desert.  They asked me to create an adventure photoshoot for them and I suggested that we can make a real elopement out of this. So our adventure has a soul and is meaningful for them.

Please, play this slideshow with spreads of elopement album.

I’m more than happy to say – this is the best of the best album in 2018, rated as Grand Award-winning album by prestigious international WPPIAwards print and album competition in Las Vegas, USA.