Hello! I would love to share with you this epic story that happened with Raymond and Lain in South America, Bolivia. The couple decided to spend their Christmas holidays far away from Singapore –  in South America. Visiting Peru –  doing Inca Trail to unbelievable Machu Picchu, and also spend a week in Bolivia, creating their pre-wedding photography photosession in the famous Salar de Uyuni desert.  They asked me to create an adventure photoshoot for them and I suggested that we can make a real elopement out of this. So our adventure has a soul and is meaningful for them.

Please, play this slideshow with spreads of elopement album.

I’m more than happy to say – this is the best of the best album in 2018, rated as Grand Award-winning album by prestigious international WPPIAwards print and album competition in Las Vegas, USA.

Этот ролик сделан специально для вас! Чтобы вы могли познакомиться со мной еще до личной встречи!

Посмотрите небольшой ролик о том, как я работаю на  свадьбе в ресторане Вилла Ротонда в поселке Довиль (свадьба в Москве).  На невесте невероятное, роскошное свадебное платье @ersaatelier  Обычно я фотографирую на свадьбе со сборов невесты в номере отеля (здесь гостиница Украина) и до финала банкета – выноса свадебного торта.

Я живу в Москве и буду рада встретиться с вами, ответить на все интересующие вас подробности о моей работе свадебного фотографа, о том как проходит фотосъемка свадьбы в Москве и чем она отличается от лавстори и свадеб за границей.


Катя Мухина

Hi everyone!

In 2017 we have been several times in Iceland photography and making of video.  There was one Norwegian destination wedding in Iceland,  one incredible several days adventure pre wedding in Iceland, and one intimate elopement in Iceland.  Also we made epic movie about me as an adventure elopement photographer. And it could not be a better place then Iceland to shoot this video.  As we have been in Iceland since 2014 it’s now like our second home! We know secret places we would  love to share with you for wedding photography and video.

Of course, we plan to be in Iceland several times in 2018.  You can book our services for wedding photography and videography or adventure elopement photosession and video from 1 day to 4 days phototour.  We have experience of making pre-wedding photography for Asian couples, as well as wedding  photojournalistic coverage. Love to shoot epic portraits, beautifully blending couple in Icelandic nature, as well as close-up portraits showing connection between the couple.

This elopement album won First Place at the WPPI 2016 Album Competition (February, 2016) for the best engagement (elopement) story (album). 

We can be booked just for photography or video or both photo-video coverage – we have several overseas pre-wedding photography, video packages

Video: We can shoot slowmotion 100fps episodes and make beautiful atmospheric lifestyle videos. As Canon Ambassador I using best Canon top cameras and lenses, giving maximum quality.

We are husband and wife team, both experienced in photography and video.  We have explored Iceland and know how to take you to off the beaten track places with little tourists around for beautiful photography. We love adventure photoshoots and ready to walk for miles to create stunning images.

So, if you are looking for emotional, lifestyle engagement or elopement photography and video in Iceland, we would love to get in touch with you.  Destination weddings in Iceland are what we love to shoot more then anywhere else in the world.

В этом видео Вы сможете увидеть как я работаю с парой во время многодневной фотосессии в сложных условиях. Съемка происходила в Южной Америке, Боливия на высоте 3700 – 5000 метров в национальном парке Эдуардо Авароа, соляной пустыне Салар Уюни и в пустыне Атакама в Чили.


Adventure pre-wedding photography in Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia 2017 by destination wedding photographer Katya Mukhina.

 I am a destination wedding photographer, so always ready to go for a new trip with an adventures couple to create their beautiful love story. In December we made an adventure pre wedding photoshoot in really fantastic places – Salar de Uyuni and Altiplano plateau in Bolivia and Atacama desert in Chile.

 We spent 6 days with our couple from Hong Kong Raymond and Lain making an elopement photosession. In Bolivia, Salar de Uyuni and Altiplano plateau, and in Chile, Atacama desert, we were shooting at high altitude from 3700 to 5000 meters and of course weather conditions were pretty rough there. Harsh sun, strong wind, low temperature, lack of oxygen – all these made destination pre-wedding photoshoot rather difficult for everyone, but our couple was ready to overcome all the difficulties to create their engagement.

During 6 days we were storytellers of Raymond and Lain’s unique road trip from the Atacama desert, Chile to Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. We had chosen extraordinary locations for their elopement photography trip: the Atacama desert, Valley of the Moon, Death Valley, Laguna Colorada, Laguna Verde, Arbol de Pierda, volcanos, train cemetery and the most famous salt flats of Salar de Uyuni with its mirror-like salt lake surface reflection. Our couple had various types of clothes and also chose a casual style for their destination pre wedding photoshoot, so the pictures are more dynamic and lifestyle.

As elopement adventure photographers we paid a lot of attention to details, cared about everything, so the trip was not just a wonderful prewedding phototour but it was a fun adventure. As the result our couple got the pictures and also a backstage video from our professional photo and video team. So, please,  enjoy watching the video and share it in your social networks to show how a destination wedding photographer works in such an amazing part of the world as Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia and the Atacama desert in Chile.

I offer overseas pre wedding packages around the world, especially pre wedding in Uyuni.  We do photography in Asia, South America, Europe, Africa, Iceland, North America, Exotic islands, New Zealand.

wppi 2017 award winnner - best album

Два года подряд жюри международного конкурса фотографии WPPI Awards (USA) признает качество моих работ на высочайшем уровне. В 2017 году я получила сразу Первое и Второе место за лучшие альбомы (фотосессии) лавстори в мире за съемки в России и Бразилии.  В 2016 году жюри WPPI Awards  присудило моей съемке из Исландии – Первое место за лучший альбом (фотокнигу) лавстори в мире.

My awards from WPPI album competition.

In 2017 Ekaterina Mukhina has become First and Second place winner for the best engagement album at WPPI 2017 album competition, In 2016 Ekaterina Mukhina has become First place winner for the best engagement album at WPPI 2017 album competition  – www.wppiawards.com 

Свадьба и свадебное путешествие на Маврикий.

Фотограф на Маврикии – Катя Мухина

В Марте-Апреле-Мае 2018  (в некоторые из недель) я планирую съемки на острове Маврикий. Меня можно пригласить для фотосъемки свадьбы, семейной фотосессии в отеле на Маврикий, возможно также сделать лавстори фотосессию на пляже и в течении экскурсии по красивым местам острова. Так как я много раз уже была на Маврикий для съемки свадебных фотосессией, то  я знаю все интересные и красивые места на острове. Могу предложить автомобильную экскурсию совмещенную с фотосессией.  Иногда мы делаем двух дневные съемки, тк остров большой и все за один день не осмотришь.
Например, в этом фильме моя фотосъемка Свадьба на Маврикии и также второй день свадебного путешествия – лавстори.  Вы увидете пример готового свадебного альбома (фотокниги), который также можно заказать у меня.

Катя Мухина, свадебный фотограф на Маврикии

I m a Winner in “Fantastic location” nomination + Finalist in “Magic light” nomination – what a great news for a New Year!
Premio Fotógrafos de Boda MyWed 2016
Annual professional award MYWED AWARD 2016
Captured with Canon 5D Mark III in Uyuni, Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia, Wedding photography.

Ganador en la nominación de “Ubicación fantástica” MYWED AWARD 2016
Finalista en la nominación de “Luz mágica MYWED AWARD 2016

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As for winter 2016 / spring 2017 I m around South America again. Available to do Uyuni prewedding or destination photography in Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Chile, will be travelling there.

Please watch the backstage of my 5 day photography session for a real couple from China (pre-wedding session). Video includes backstage and photos as a result of my work. Salar de Uyuni Wedding Photography  


Epic Pictures Of Bolivia’s Salt Flats Prove It’s A Photographer’s Wonderland – Katya Mukhina have created stunning prewedding photography in Salar de Uyuni for Chinese couple.